Ballooning Part 3

But the fun wasn't over yet.  So enthralled with our experience, and having such fun getting up at 4:30am, Lars and Kaili graciously invited us to come along the next morning and join the "chase team" that follows the balloons from the ground.








Notwithstanding the early hour, it was great fun.  And we were actually put to work.  On the left, Kelly holds open the balloon as it is inflated.  On the right, Kelly is actually inside the balloon holding down one of the sides so that it inflates properly,  In the foreground, to the right, is the glow of flame producing the hot air which gives the balloon its rise.





This morning, a full complement of passengers was flying so 2 ballons were aloft.  Lars at the control of one of them, Kaili at the other.










Here Lars descends into some rock formations--affording a very intimate view.











This morning was interesting as the wind patterned differed significantly from our flight.  Thus, the launch point was different as was the route.  Here Lars and his passengers descend into a valley near the town of Uchisar.









In sum, the ballooning was incredible.  Definitely the experience of a lifetime.  And while we were concerned about the cost, it was worth every penny--memories we will never forget.





After a wonderful time in the magical region of Cappadocia, we headed to the sea.
Continue with us as we go Yachting.




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