Forza D'Agro

Last but Certainly not Least:  Forza D'Agro

Ever since we hit Italy, Kelly has been in search of her Sicliy, the one where Michael Corleone hung out after offing the Chief of Police in the Godfather. 

Once we hit the resort town of Taormina, we assumed our chances at finding the real, small-town, Sicily were gone.

But imagine our surprise as we innocently found out that scenes from the Godfather--both the original and Godfather III--were shot at a nearby hill town a short bus ride away.  Clearly, we had to visit, and we were not disappointed.  Even the name is cool:  Forza D'Agro.  Foggett about it!


Forza D'Agra, like many of the most charming villages in Italy, sits atop a hill (originally chosen in medieval times for their defensive value).  It makes for a very attractive town.







We weren't in the village long before we stepped into a small cafe that sat right on the main square.  And on the walls, were various photos from the various Godfather shoots.  Al Pacino, from Godfather III, is in the large photo in the center, while you may be able to make out the beard of Francis Ford-Coppola in the picture to the lower right.  OK, so you can't.  But trust us, its them.








The central fountain in the main piazza, which was used for shooting some of the wedding scenes in the original Godfather.











From the central piazza, dramatic steps, and a crumbling arch, lead to a beautiful church used in Godfather III.  We can't wait to get home and see the entire trilogy once we return.  They will be included in the Willis Film Festival.









The church is call Madre di Forza D'Agro, and is home to some impressive art from the 14th and 6th centuries.  We met the caretaker there--Antonio--a charming old man who was delighted to take time out from watering the flowers to show us around the church and give us a tour--in Italian, of course.  Fortunately, Italian and Spanish are quite similar, allowing us to understand a reasonable amount of what he was saying.








After we got our Godfather fix, walking through the village of Forza D'Agro was a joy.  Just small town Italy, with no souvenir shops to be seen and barely another tourist in sight.  And around every corner, another picturesque scene.










The view from the village, looking out over the surrounding, summer scorched, mountains and the Ionian Sea.








Kelly relaxing, with Rich.............









.........later, doing the same.







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